From E99 per month, you can obtain a website, hosting, email accounts, and continuous maintenance.

What is the process? How does this work?

Understanding Your Needs

This initial stage involves gathering information about your micro-business and its website goals

Design and Development

Based on the gathered information, we start designing your website from the ground up & send you a link to the development site.


The completed website is uploaded to a web hosting server, making it accessible to the public through a unique domain name.

How are we so affordable?

Since we want to do business with you for a long time, we have priced our monthly web design packages so that it works for both of us! A website, website hosting, emails, and maintenance are all included in our plans.

Additionally, since we handle everything internally, we have less overhead than other “middle-man” website firms, which allows us to pass the savings along to you!

Please note that our web design packages do not include domain registration. However, we’re happy to help. We can assist your with migrating your existing domain or registering a new domain. See our domain prices.

Frequently asked questions

Do you build websites with accessibility in mind?
Making websites accessible can help businesses and organisations reach a wider audience and enhance the user experience for all users, not just those with disabilities. When designing a new website, we prioritise ensuring that the website has a clear and intuitive navigation that is easy to use and consistent page structure. Additionally, we make sure that text is easy to read with sufficient contrast. 
What are the ongoing costs?
We offer hosting and support packages from E99 a month, including an SSL certificate and our ongoing support service so we can keep your site safeguarded and always be at hand to help you with any technical issues.
Is SEO included in my web design project?
All our web design projects come with a free SEO guide where we equip you with all the necessary tools to monitor search engine traffic and get the best possible search results
Do you create the content for our new website?
We build our sites so it’s easy for you to add and edit your own content. This keeps our prices down and gives you more control and freedom over your site. We often copy some content or products from your existing site, but it’s also a great opportunity to spring clean your copy and optimise it for the new site design. If you would like us to add your content or write new content, please request this as part of the quote.
How long does a new Web Design project take?
Each project we take on is unique so we ensure we provide accurate time estimates before starting the project. Generally, we allow for 1-2 weeks for the website design and build.
Can I make updates to my custom website after it is completed?
Yes, our custom web designs include the ability to make updates and changes to all the content once the development is completed. We can provide support and help if needed. We do offer ongoing support and maintenance packages to help with major website updates and changes, but minor changes and fixes are included with our web hosting packages. We can also provide estimates if you need new custom sections or pages.

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